Creating and deleting file collections

I created a file collection.

When I added the first directory C:/A/build I added it with "sub-collections". It displayed in the collections as a tree. Good so far.

When I added another directory C:/B/build, I added it with "sub-collections". It displayed each file individually in the collections. Bad.

I tried to remove the first directory from the colleciton by right-click and delete and it still appears in the left hand side of the collections.

I close and reopen Dopus and it's gone from collections.

I close and reopen Dopus again, the directory is back.

I try to delete the collection via delete right-click. I disappears.

I reopen Dopus and the collection is back.

Nowhere is any of this do I see a "remove from collection" option.

Three issues:

  1. How do I get all the collections to display as trees?
  2. How to I permanently remove a directory within the collection?
  3. How to I permanently remove a collection?

Is this happening with the latest version of Opus? (

Here's a video where I have tried to reproduce what you've described, but everything seems fine. Am I doing the same thing or have I done something different?

A screenshot or two might help us see exactly what's happening.

Sorry I didn't get back sooner.

This is Dopus

Here's the vid:

Any ideas yet?

Thanks for the video! The key detail was that the first sub-collection was being renamed before the second one was added, which the video revealed, and in turn let us track down the bug.

This has been fixed for the next update.


The fix for this is in Opus beta.