Creating complex directory structures

To Leo Davidson (creator of the files and youtube video)

Hello Leo,

I studied and followed your instructions regarding complex directory structures with the actors examples,

The section (button 2) does not work if I create my own set of directories (structure) in the ActorSubdir.txt (Which I added), If I empty the file completely and add only one directory it works fine, if I add another it works fine, If I use the original directory structure and add one directory of mine it works fine, but when I add a directory with a subdirectory (seperates by a \ ) I get the error message,

I think (but obviously not I did everything according to instructions

Where should I look the error message does not tell ME anything,


ActorSubdirs.txt (256 Bytes)

If you create a subdirectory, make sure you create the directory it is in first.The script probably isn't clever enough to create multiple levels for a single line in the file (unlike Opus's own Create Folder command).

For example:




on its own.

Does that solve it?