Creating New Label Category

Is it possible to create other label categories, beyond "Colors" and "Status"?


Yes, there's nothing special about the default categories. You can make your own in Preferences in the same place you define labels themselves

You'll probably also want to edit the menus which list the labels so they split things into the new categories. (The default menus list "not status" and "status", essentially.)

I must be missing something. I define labels in Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels. I can add a label and there is a drop-down to assign a label to a category, but I don't see any place to add a category.


The drop-down also lets you type whatever you want into it.

Ah, I missed that. Thanks for explaining.

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Uh yeah.... I just happened to stumble across this today. Most everything else is either spelled out to the T in the manual or the UI is setup in such a way that it is just intuitive but there is nothing in either place that lets you know that you could ever have anything beside color, type, or uncategorized. Yeah, color and type brings up a submenu when you right click on them, but uncategorized doesn't respond to a right click. I think if the Add button dialog had a second compose box for category that showed the already existing cats as well as a at the bottom of whatever, no one would ever mention this 'itd be nice to be able to...' again :slight_smile: