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Creating RAR archives


Hello all,

I’ve got a question: I made a button that executes the following command:
Copy MOVE ARCHIVE=single TO “{sourcepath$}Old Versions”

The idea is that I select some files and they all get archived into separate files.
However, I would like to use RAR archives. So I change the command to this:
Copy MOVE ARCHIVE=.rar,single TO “{sourcepath$}Old Versions”

I get the following error (in Dutch):
Fault encountered: Moving ‘’:
The action is not supported by this VFS.

I have winRAR installed of course. Is it really not supported or am I missing a setting?
By the way: When I remove the ‘single’ argument the command works. Only all the selected files are packed into a single .rar archive.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Roelofs


The “single” argument doesn’t currently work with archives handled by the plugin, only with zip.

We’ll see if we can make that work in a future version. There were some technical reasons why it didn’t in the past but we’ve removed some of them as part of work on other things, so it should be something we can sort out now.


Thank you for your answer!
I will use ZIPs for now, and keep an eye on the changelog of new versions.


Has any thought been put into implementing this. I have had multiple cases wanting to add files to separate 7zip or RAR files, and I can’t.


A couple of workarounds are here, which let you do this now:

  1. Simple command which may be all you need:
    ARCHIVE=.7z and ARCHIVE=single at the same time
    (Jon’s post; the first reply.)

  2. A script version which is more complex but may be useful if you want to add additional logic, or find the simple command doesn’t work in some situations:
    ZIP compression level ignored
    (My post; the second reply.)

If using the script, change all (4) occurrences of .ZIP to .7Z or to .RAR as appropriate.


I didn’t know you are supposed to use both together. The documentation did not say anything about this. Thanks!