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Creating URL shortcut from text pasting?

When there is a text in the clipboard and I paste inside a folder, then a text file is created with the name "Clipboard Text.txt".

Is there a feature in DOpus to create specific file types depending on the text content in the Clipboard?

For example:

  • When the text is a one-liner ending in .HTM, .HTML or .PHP then automatically a URL shortcut is created (extension: .url)

  • ELSE: A text file with the name "Clipboard Text.txt" is created

You could do that with scripting but there isn't anything built in.

Could anyone give me a hint? I don't even know which are the protocols for this purpose.

In the smartphone, in developer options → USB configuration, i have set MTP.

What else do I have to do on the smartphone?

I think you're in the wrong thread. :slight_smile: