Creating web galleries using PyAlbum

Here's a command that I did up today for doing HTML photo albums using the Python program PyAlbum. It creates a directory called "WebGallery" in the current directory, and if a directory with the same name already exists the old one gets renamed first. It also asks you for the title to use in the gallery.

NOTE: Please make sure that you have DOpus set to use descript.ion files for file descriptions, these will get added to your gallery by PyAlbum if found. You'll need to update the paths to the Python, PyAlbum and temp directories if needed.

[quote]Delete ALL FORCE QUIET C:\Windows\Temp\DOpus_Gallery\In
Delete ALL FORCE QUIET C:\Windows\Temp\DOpus_Gallery
CreateFolder READAUTO=no C:\Windows\Temp\DOpus_Gallery\In NOUPDATESETTINGS
Copy TO C:\Windows\Temp\DOpus_Gallery\In

Rename FROM WebGallery TO WebGallery_old AUTORENAME TYPE=dirs

sync:c:\Python\Python C:\Python\PyAlbum\ --verbosity=3 -c C:\Python\PyAlbum\ouralbums.cfg --InputDir=C:\Windows\Temp\DOpus_Gallery\In --OutputDir=WebGallery --Title="{dlgstring|Please give a title for this web album}"[/quote]


Hi Damien,

Thankyou for your efforts to bring us PyAlbum.

I have a question about your code though.
Exactly what is the NOUPDATESETTINGS argument you use with the CreateFolder command ?
I can form an idea from the context in which you use it.
In each case, the Folder to be created was either deleted or renamed if it previously existed.

I searched for NOUPDATESETTINGS in :

  1. The DOpus 8 Manual
  2. The DOpus 8.1 Changes PDF
  3. The DOpus 6 Manual
  4. The DOpus SR2 All Changes PDF
  5. Various DOpus 6 version changes PDFs
  6. The e-mail list archives from April 2002 to September 2004
  7. This Forum

I have found only one instance of the use of NOUPDATESETTINGS .
That instance is this thread.
It's possible I missed it somewhere on this Forum though.
The search engine is mediocre at best.

Thanks Damien,
:opusicon: porcupine

Honestly, I've no idea what NOUPDATESETTINGS does, I figure it would be a non-destructive flag and shouldn't hurt anything :wink: