Crosstalk in Dual Vertical lister

Something weird just happened to me. I have a dual lister open.

When I click on a folder in the left pane's address bar, the right pane responds and vice versa. For example, if I click on the E: > on the left, here is what I get:

As you can see the right pane shows the contents of E:, not the left!

I am not positive how to reproduce as I have been working on that lister for a couple of days. You can see my other posts from today to get an idea of what I've been doing. I will leave it open in case you want me to try anything else.

I just double-clicked a folder in the left pane and it opened in the right. The cross-talk is not limited to the address bar. Then when I double-clicked a folder in the right pane it opened in the left and continued zigzagging back and forth.

Try tapping your control key once or twice and see if it fixes it.

Thanks. I had just come to the conclusion that I may have a stuck Ctrl key, when I discovered that mouse-wheel-scrolling was enlarging/shrinking. But tapping didn't help (but see below).

So I opened a dual lister on my laptop computer and checked what happens with a ctrl-double-click and see that this is an apparent feature I hadn't known about in Dopus.

For the record, my Ctrl key is not stuck. But I was overseeing the operation on my home computer remotely using Anydesk. It appears that Anydesk has a bug that simulates a stuck Ctrl key. (arghh)

Restarting Anydesk (client) didn't help. I don't want to tamper with the remote machine until it finishes the hours-long copying process I'm in the middle of. At any rate, I think this topic can be closed as "due to stuck Ctrl key".


Did you tap both Ctrl keys? Windows may have thought either of them was down, as they're tracked separately.

As I wrote, this thread can be closed. Also, it was not the fault of Anydesk. It was my fault. I was accessing my home machine remotely through Anydesk. My (client) keyboard and all Ctrl keys were fine. When I got home I discovered something had fallen on the local keyboard and was pressing on the Ctrl key :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :flushed:

So that was "stuck Ctrl"

Mystery solved. Case closed.