CSV Chart Plugin (32-bit only)


the new CSV Chart Plugin:





Neat. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here's some info on the data format the plugin expects:

  • At the time of writing, the current version of the plugin will only handle files that are at least 1000 bytes. Smaller files will drop through to the Text plugin. If your .csv file is smaller you can pad it with blank lines.
  • The first column should be the X coordinate.
  • Every subsequent column is the Y coordinate of a different line. If there's only one line to be drawn then you'd just have two columns per row. If there are ten lines then you'd have eleven columns per row (one for the X coordinate and then one for each line).
  • The plugin will plot the rows in the order they appear in the file. The rows don't have to be in increasing X coordinate order and you can have multiple values for the same line and the same X coordinate. (So you could draw a sine wave going up the page if you wanted to.)
  • The plugin's configuration dialog lets you specify that the input is transposed (so the X coordinates are all on the first row and each row represents the Y coordinates for a single line). It also lets you say that you want to ignore the first line/row (e.g. if they are headings) and change the labels.

I've attached a simple example file which draws the image shown below. (A sine wave and two lines from 0 to 1 and -1.)

SineLine.zip (6.98 KB)

I've copied the csv.dll to /home/viewers, but I can't reproduce this

It's probably 32 bit only.