Ctrl+Shift + Word Completion Ideas for Inline-Rename

Hello again! o)

  • I like the Ctrl+Shift + CursorUp/Down feature to fetch the filename from above/below while inline-renaming, I use it quite often. This feature would be even more useful, if it could grab item names from farther away, since the item names (or parts of them) you want to reuse for the current file are very often not directly below/above the current item.
    Holding Ctrl-Shift and pressing CursorDown 5 times would fetch the name of the 5th item below the currently renamed item.

  • Word completion via Ctrl+Space (like in Editors)
    When renaming items you often reuse patterns/words from other items in the directory. In inline rename mode, after typing 2,3 letters, it would be cool if Ctrl-Space could pop up a list of matching words from all the items in the folder. So you could easily reuse parts of item names or "tags" you added to other item names before. Been thinking about this for quite some time, I think it would be a mindblowing feature! o)

Thank you! o)

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Thanks for the suggestions!

We'll add the first one in the next update.
The second is slightly more complicated so we'll put this on the list for the future :wink:

Thank you for realizing the first so quickly! o)

Regarding the second one, I'll wait! o)