Ctrl+Tab to switch between active/last tab

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Some seconds ago, I found myself hitten "CTRL+Tab" to make DO switch between the last tab I used in the current lister and the currently shown tab.
As it did not work (it switches focus between source/destination), I had a quick search on the forum and found this:

Leo said: "2) By default, Tab and Ctrl-Tab will toggle between the two file displays or other elements of the lister.."
What are "other elements"? Can these other elements possibly be tabs in the current lister?.. o) And if not, is there a way to make DO work like that?

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Background, or why I'm asking:
Opera behaves that way per default, Firefox can be made to switch tabs that way with "CTRL-Tab" extension, Windows itself switches to last/current application by a similar key-stroke (alt-tab). Editplus can do and VisualStudio/NetBeans IDE will do CTRL-Tab as well between tabs. So i think it's kind of a standard nowadays, and I'm heavy used to it too.. o)

Other elements as in the folder tree, address bar, viewer pane (if the viewer can take focus), and similar. If you have a dual-display window open then tab only cycles between the two displays, but the other elements are used in a single-display window.

You can change it if you wish, as per the post you linked to. (The same post also explains that the way it works by default is fairly standard for applications that have both multiple 'documents' and multiple tabs within each 'document', such as Excel. Web browsers and text editors rarely fall into that category.)

Or you can use Ctrl-PageUp/Down, as in Excel (and also most tabbed browsers).

Hi Leo, thanks for helping.. o)

I gave it another try, and yes "go tabselect=prev" does make DO toggle between the previous and current tab, very nice!.. o)

Now I'm struggling to get this function mapped to "CTRL+Tab", it seems, it cannot be done. I can press "CTRL", so the little configuration window for the hot-key says "CTRL", but if I want to add "Tab" now (pressing "TAB"), the focussed is drawn away to the next field, and my key kombination does not make it into the hotkey field. I can select "Tab" manually from the right side list, but "Tab" alone does not help, as I cannot add the modifier (CTRL). When hitting "CTRL" the textfields "Tab" is replaced with "CTRL" and when hitting "TAB" now, the focus is lost.. I'm in a loop here.. o)

You have a workaround for this, don't you ?!.. o) Maybe editing some XML-config manually ?!

thx again!

Use the drop-down.

Ok! So i need to press "CTRL" and select "Tab" in die dropdown while still holding "CTRL" to get both keys.

I somehow did not remember that! Sorry guys.. o)

thxthxthx!.. o)

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