Curious about German Translation of 'Lister'

Directory Opus has adopted the word 'Lister' , a noun, to describe a fundamental Directory Opus window. This English word is really a little slang.

From time to time I convert Directory Opus to a German translation for fun.
I keep wondering what is a proper German word for 'Lister'.
The German translation still uses English 'Lister'.
The translation is very hard both ways.
What is it that makes a list ? A noun ?

I eventually fell back to things like Shoe Maker in my English attempt to find a word.
I found a word tonight that may really do it,

Does Listenersteller work ?
Or is it too person specific rather than object specific ?

Liste means list.
Listen is plural.
Roughly, I think it may be a list creator or perhaps an adjustment knob to a list ?
Or am I wrong ?

I'm not German, I just have fun trying to improve my stupid School German.

If "to run" is "laufen" and "runner" is "Läufer",
and "to list" is "auflisten" then "lister" should be "Auflister" :slight_smile:

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And langlaufen is Nordic skiing.
Not sure about Auflister, but I think it mixed a verb in it .

Let's keep the syllables in check. What is wrong with "Lister". We use "downloaden" (among many others) in German.

In a misguided attempt to keep the language clean in the ~16/17th century we were confronted with a "German" replacement for the Latin "nose" ("nasum"), with the "Gesichtserker" (something like the "oriel of the face"). Fortunately it didn't stick.

A "Lister" shows us a list, a listing, "eine Liste". The ending "-er" suggest the masculine form "der" - "der Lister".

Of course we will have to ask a committee to´ decide on the gender (der-die-das) and the proper plural, probably "die Lister:innen" :wink:

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You are absolutely correct, "Auflister" is what I had in mind, if somebody feels pressed to find an alternative to "Lister" in german. I don't feel pressed, I use anything running on electricity in english. If I was able to get behind the basic computer vocabulary as a kid nearly 35 years ago, I think it is doable for a lot more people. Especially since there are so many more devices around nowadays which come with a menu, remote, manual in english.

Some hours playing Leisure Suite Larry also helps a lot to learn some english! o)

I actually find "file display" a somewhat blurry naming for the thing that actually lists the files. A file display could easily be the viewer pane as well, it displays a file. "File display" could be the actual "Lister", it would fit better somehow. And a "Lister" is just a DO window, does it need a special name?

Not expecting anything to be changed about this of course! Just some thinking.. o)

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Well the term Lister came from the Amiga version 5 which didn't have dual displays. Once we had two they needed their own name and Lister was already used for the window :smile:

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Yes, I was thinking the same, but then I thought v4 already had the "dual display" by default, so it kind of ruined this explanation?! o) How was the "dual display" DO window called in v4, just window I guess? o)

I can't remember, it's been some time.. o)

I don't think V4 and earlier had "Listers" at all, there was just one window and that was Opus :smile:

Hmm, Auflister would be too clunky. Lister is just fine in german. It should cause no confusion among users, and is easily comprehensible from its context.