Curious behaviour with network folders


I'm finding DOpus behaving erratically, especially when I'm using network folders. As an example, I updated a spreadsheet (stored in my Documents library somewhere on the network). The Lister shows with the same name but different dates:

This remains the case, even some 30 minutes after making the edit. So I press F5 to refresh. There's a lot of flickering on the left-hand side (tree view) and after about 5 seconds the whole focus of the Lister shifts. I can see the folder I was in (grey breadcrumb trail on the top right) but it is no longer selected:

Is there a setting I should change to avoid this behaviour? I'm using Directory Opus Pro 12.7 Build 6540 x64
OS 6.1 (B:7601 P:2 T:1) SP 1.0 "Service Pack 1". No customisation, just as installed.

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Is that a Windows network share or something else (e.g. a NAS or Linux box, etc.)?

Hard to say for sure. I think a DFS location. This is a large multi-national so their networking is far from simple. It won't be a NAS box though.

It might be worth trying the Debugging section of this guide to see what kind of change events are coming from the drive. Maybe something about the paths in the events is causing Opus to get confused.

I'm certainly happy to try that. However the systems here are preventing me from downloading from that site, though I have admin privileges and can install other software. I won't be able to get to Dropbox or OneDrive either.

Are you in a position to e-mail me a zip of that download?

Meanwhile, the behaviour when accessing these network locations is consistent, so I hope it can be diagnosed (and fixed) once I can get more information.

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You can download Opus but are blocked from downloading from

It looks like one of the URLs in the post was broken, and Microsoft have been breaking old URLs and moving things around again. Give these a try, which seem to be the current locations:

Yes, lots of processes and controls here, not all consistent.

In this case it is that is being blocked.

I can try e-mailing the file to myself at the weekend. I'm also trying Preferences, Folders, Auto-Loading, Network drives set to 'Load normally' in case that makes a difference.


I can't easily email them due to Google's ridiculous paranoia about attachments these days, but maybe you can download them via the forum: (286.6 KB) (986.6 KB)

Bravo - that's worked fine. I'll try the new 'Load normally' setting for a bit, then debug as required.