Current Projects buttons (+hotkeys)

Hi there,
Very simple,
As I work on say 3 or 4 projects for maybe a few days to a month I use these buttons with hotkeys (1-5) which work great for 'current' projects. It's quicker than constantly updating favourites etc. Might be helpful to people.
For instance 1 = Current, highly active project etc. 2,3,4 descending.
I might set 2 to another project that I get less calls about. Like all work it's transient and changes so my '1' folder in a few weeks would be something else. Shift click sets the folder, and obviously I would set the hotkey to 1 in the button, and so on for 2-5. I have attached a .zip with the pngs which are skinny so don't take up too much toolbar space.

Below is code for 'folder1' so you would update each 2 to 5.

image (4.0 KB)

//Shift + click will set the folder project.

//No modifier down////////////////////////////////////////////
Go  {$glob:folder1} TABFINDEXISTING  

//if shift down set global var to source path////////////////////
@set glob!:folder1 = {s} 
{dlgstring|  folder1 has been set to : |{$glob:folder1}   }