Custom button has disappeared

A while ago I wrote two basic scripts that reproduced the manual steps taken to compare two directories and then copy over new files. This is a backup routine I follow to copy files to an external backup drive.

The buttons have disappeared. I suspect this might have happened following an update to DO. I am wondering if they might be hidden somewhere. If not I will need to re-write them but I cannot find a copy of the script and my DO skills are rather limited, rather like my memory!

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks :slight_smile:

Updates wouldn’t normally affect toolbars, except major updates like 11 to 12 where you can still revert to the old ones if needed:

If the buttons are on a custom toolbar, it’s possible the toolbar is just turned off. After turning it back on, save what you have as the new Default Toolbar Set to make it open in every new window (unless overridden).

Thanks for the reply. Sadly not there. I wish I had made a note of the changes I made. Next time!

Try searching the files in /dopusdata/Buttons for keywords you remember. If you find something, it can probably be restored.

Thanks. Unfortunately I can't find them so I think I will need to refresh my memory and recreate the scripts.

I push my dopus settings folder to git so i have another backup and can track changes. Maybe give it a try to prevent such a loss.