Custom Button To Save Current Folder View


Quick question about creating this custom button.

I use the setting for Folder Content Type Detection and it normally works pretty well, but I often have certain folders that I want to customize in different ways. I know that I can go to Folder Options > Safe The Current Folder Format > Save For This Folder + Layouts & Folder Tabs.

My question is how can I create a custom toolbar button so that I can do this quickly without having 3 clicks every time I want to save a view for a folder. I've created a blank button but I don't know what command I need to enter for this function.


I don't think there is a way to do that at the moment.

(You can save a layout or folder tab via commands, but not a folder format on its own.)

Ah, that's too bad. When I used to use XYplorer they had a button that would save a folder format that way and unsave the format if you clicked it again. Kind of like the lock icon, but it only affected the current folder, not the whole lister. It was pretty handy. I do prefer Dir Opus, but that's something you guys should consider having some kind of implementation of. Thanks for your response.

So you want this for temporary / ad-hoc changes, not permanent ones? Or is the toggle/unsave part less important?

You can create a button which switches you to a specific format, if that helps. The format lock can also be toggled via commands.