Custom column and select first issue

Good day this is my first post and I'm being able to try some custom columns, that's amazing feature! However I noticed that if you have enabled in settings the option "Always select the first item", seems like Directory Opus first select the first item, then do the sorted/grouped task if needed, but if the item previously selected (by the option) is not longer the first, then the option itself became useless, since the selected now is not the first. Any way to correct this (I believe is an error)?
Kudos to the developers!!!

Script columns are processed in the background, since they could do things which take a long time, which is why they behave in that way.

So you guys noticed too! So it is possible that you fix this (since I still believe it's an error) or it's going to be this way? I just want to always have the first item selected, in any scenario, as the option claims.