Custom Column Names

I wish that I could rename some columns to be custom.
I would rename this one to 'Key'. I know that's a different definition, but it's too much wasted space:
Initial Key

And this one to 'Codec':
Audio Codec

If I max the width those columns their names will be truncated, replaced by three dots which looks dumb.

I saw the script for custom names but I'm pretty sure I'll never figure out how to get it to read those respective metadata fields off the files.

Go to Preferences / File Display Columns / Evaluator Columns and define a column with the name you want in the Header Title field.

Set the Evaluator Code field to reproduce an existing column. (The UI will show a list of columns when you start typing into the Evaluator Code field. Or push Ctrl+Space in the field to see the whole list.)

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Beautiful. It's shaping up.

If I change the Duration type to the word 'Length' I lose the colon : between minutes and seconds:
Duration Edit


Bit Depth has no evaluator code.
Bit Depth Code

(This pic is from Folder Formats)
Bit Depth

Or in the Columns Appearance list:
Column Appearance

As it is by default, I can't justify the text to center, so it's oddly justified to the right:

I wanted to change its name from 'Bits' to 'Depth'.

When I change the name of 'Bit Rate'

I lose the kbps measurement:
Off Center

I was going to say it might be because wav metadata uses riff chunks instead of mp3 metadata, but I checked and it happens on my mp3 files too.

And the white column lines are crooked from the black header lines.

Could I somehow remove the seconds from 'Created Date And Time'?
See how it looks strange when beside the 'Modified Date And Time':

I know nothing about evaluators yet, sorry, but regarding your timestamp columns: Not sure why you have different formats for the created, modified columns, how is this possible? o) Maybe you can fix it with these advanced settings, I have set the date to use underscores for quite some time, but did not tinker with the time format yet. Maybe it has an affect on what you see, worth a try, but maybe Leo and Jon know an even better way of solving this.

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I have them separated so that I can click on the column headers. For 'modified' it will immediately filter what I was working on recently, in order from top to bottom. So that I can find my most recent things instantly. For 'created' it will do the same thing, but for whatever was created most recently.

I did it using 'Folder Formats'. I haven't used the advanced settings for it. Didn't know there was a date and time option there. I used it and now it's better, thank you.
Date And Time

The reason I had seconds on the created but not modified, is I had an evaluator on created. They have a 'created date' or a 'created time' but not both (one code for 'created date & time'). So I just got rid of that evaluator and used the advanced settings.
Date Or Time

Ok, I see, so you got that little issue sorted at least. Unfortunately I can't help you with the evaluator columns and units you are missing. As an alternative, you can use scripted columns, you have full control over what they display as value, including units and whatnot, but they are more complicated to do. You will find examples on scripted columns here in the forum, maybe take a look and give them a try. You need to know a bit of scripting foo to do this - or just learn quickly! o)

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You can use Evaluator code to format the column however you want.

Bit Depth is under 'Picture Dimensions' not 'Music'. I didn't know that until I discovered the search box for the File Display Columns/Appearance. Think I'm all set up now, thank you. Except for those crookedy lines, and the lack of a personal comment column.

I'm all fixed up, thank you. Might look into a scripted column for a personal comment box.