Custom Context Menu Entries Don't Appear

Using the latest version of Opus - 12.32. I added a custom context menu entry in Settings->File Types->Directory Opus File Types->All files and folders->Context Menu. However, after pressing OK the right click context menu stays the same.

Is there any setting I may have accidentally triggered that disabled this new context menu entry from appearing?

Does it appear if you hold shift when you right-click?

What/where are you right-clicking?

What’s the command and type of the added menu item?

Hi Leo,

It does appear when I hold shift and right-click, but not when I only right click (which is what I want).

I am right clicking a folder.

The type is: "Run an application". The command is C:\path\to\program.exe {filepath}

Nevermind, it still isn't working but I've found a workaround. Adding a context menu entry for the .png files inside the folder (not the folder itself) then changing the command to {filepath|noterm|..} seems to work.

If it's hidden unless shift is held down, it's probably being hidden by Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides).

That can affect menu items added in Opus, if they're added in a way that also works in File Explorer, since it makes commands for Explorer (that also work in Opus) and that's what that menu item hides. (It could have a better name.)

When creating a new context menu item, use this type instead to make it Opus-specific, and that option won't affect it: