Custom context menu?

i searched the forum, but no matter what i do any result i find says "you dont have access to this" or something like that, so this may be addressed somewhere else ^^;

i wanted to know if there was a way to put a background image in the context menu as 'shared' and if there was a way to add a a gap padding to a toolbar so that some buttons are left justified and the others are right justified?

thanks in advance!

The search problem appears to be a feature of the bulletin board SW. See here and here. Use the Search box on the left hand side and you should be OK.

Regards, AB

Unlike toolbar menus, context menus (i.e. ones which appear when you right-click stuff) can't have background images.

The only way I know of right-justifying things right now is to put a "full size" edit box (e.g. a path or filename filter) into the lister to use up the space in the middle. If you want blank space there instead I don't know of a way to achieve that.