Custom Directory Listing Order for Image Files/Folders


I have imported digital pictures from my camera , the import program creates and groups the files by the date taken and makes folders as follows :

It is obvious that they do not necessarily would follow a chronological ascending or descending sort order (rather would follow alphabetical sort order).

So is there a way or a directory template in Opus to show folder or files with date based file names in the mask yyyy(num)-MMM(alpha)-dd(num) in a correct chronological sort order.

Secondly can duplicate image file finder in opus identify same image files within the folder structure which can have different file name (may differ based on the import file name mask used when importing from digital camera).


In the folder tree, there's no way to make those folder names sort chronologically, except if you rename them. (The rename tool could fairly easily be scripted to replace the month names with numbers if you want.)

The duplicate file finder can check for files which contain the same data. (Turn on the MD5 option in it.) It will only detect duplicates if the two files are exactly the same, though. If there's any metadata within the files (e.g. something in the JPEG EXIF data) or other differences (e.g. the same image compressed with different JPEG compression levels) then the two files won't be considered equal.