Custom Drive Icons

I have defined cusom Icons for each drive, but after booting my computer, directory opus ignore them and show the standard icons (explorer shows the right one)

What can I do? is this a Bug?

I use the Last DO Ver. U

How have you set these custom icons?

you must install IconPackager, then you can right click on any drive, choose properties an icon.

but it dosn't works under DO, the modifided icons are only under explorer visible!

AFAIK, DOpus uses its own icons for displaying drives, folders, etc. and does not rely on the system settings. So, custom icons are not displayed.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature." :smiley:

can I disable this feature? :sunglasses:

can I disable this feature? :sunglasses:

Nope. Although I thought that this icon problem was related only to filetypes specific to DOpus (folders and generic files because DOpus sets the "all folders" and "all files" filetypes).

Anyway, there's something you can do if you want custom drives icons (won't work for folders) : at the root of each drive, you can create an autorun.inf file that contains the following :


Where "myicon.ico" is the full path (if the icon file is not in the same level than the autorun file) and name of the icon file you want to use for that drive. Note that you'll have to quit and restart DOpus to make the icons appear.