Custom fields in rename dialog vanish mid scroll


I'm trying to build a rename script for handling my photo collection. It is going okay and I thought I was onto a good solution, when I stumbled into this bug.

I'm using some custom fields in my rename script, and everything seems to be working fine, but then I scroll the list of filenames (current and new names) and the custom field boxes vanishes from the UI and their values reverts back to the default values.

Is there any way I can debug this? Could there be an issue with my rename script? The position in the scroll list when the fields vanishes seems to be completely arbitrary.

I've attached a screen capture showing this happening.

Edit: I also just verified that I am on the latest version, 12.10.

Edit: Also attaching the rename preset.
Photo filename.orp (3.7 KB)

Edit: Actually doing the rename without scrolling and just clicking OK works.

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I can confirm this behaviour with a different script that uses custom fields. Sometimes the fields disappear completely and require closing/reopening the dialog to be shown again.

I've now also noticed that there is related behavior when loading this preset with custom fields. I've attached video showing it below.

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Thanks for the report! This should be fixed in the next update.