Custom Folder and File icons

I am unable to change the file and folder icons using software like Icon Tweaker

I read a related discussion here:
[[SOLVED] folders icons - again & again :?)
but could not find the registry key mentioned there

Any solution?

Opus 9 has a file-based configuration, so there should no longer be any registry values.

I just had a look through Opus 9 preferences and I couldn't find an advanced setting (that's where many of the Registry settings from Opus 8 ended up) in Opus 9 to replace this. If Leo or Jon read this thread, they might know if there is an option or where it is located.

It depends how Icon Tweaker works and which version of Opus we're talking about.

There's a FAQ here:

[Change the default folder icon in Opus)

I used icon Phile and it worked... thanks!