Custom Inline Rename Cycling

Requesting feature to create custom inline cycles through scripts. It'd be helpful in folders where most files are named the same way. An example would be music collection where most files are named as 'track - artist - title'. Cycling would select those fields within the filename. Any files in the folder that aren't named the same way could also be accounted for by providing other possibilities in the script.

Another example would be cycling through filename words and numbers, if you wanted to change a number at the end of filename you'd be able to select it fast to make adjustment.

Maybe somehow it would work off of regex and capture groups? The capture groups would be the cycling fields to select in the filename.

I don't know about building that kind of thing in, since not everyone uses the same format for naming their music files etc.

But you could already tackle this by creating a hotkey which runs a regex rename or rename script.

Boom! Now available in DOpus v13. Thanks!

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