Custom Layouts and Status Bar codes

Hi again Leo,

Is it possible to save specific Status Bar code setups with a Custom Layout? I think you know where this tale is leading.

{sf}/{tf} files, {sba} selected {h!} {sf}/{tf} - Songs {smp3}/{tmp3} - Selected{h!} {rpad} {fl} {ls} {pu}% full, {df} free {fl} {ls}

This works like a treat, but I would only like it to be used when I have my custom Results layout open, not by any other Single view lister I may have/will open. I prefer the default Status Bar setup for all other Single listers. Is this achievable, or am I simply expecting way more than I should?

Thanks in advance Leo,

No, the status bar settings are global.

Hi Leo,

Once again, thank you for reducing my ignorance on what must be trivial matters.