Custom nav toolbar

I would like to create a toolbar with a series of buttons linked to various directories. For example, as a developer I have a Projects directory that contains a series of subdirectories. I would like to have toolbar button that would take me to projects if I click on it, and an alt-click would drop down a list of the subdirs (it would be a bonus if this were dynamic, but if I have to manaully create the list that is ok as well).

Is that something that can be done? I am continually amazed at the flexibility and customizability of Directory Opus. If the above is possible, I would love step-by-step directions to create my nav toolbar. :slight_smile:

Editing the toolbar has more detail, but in summary:

  • Settings > Customize Toolbars.
  • Drag folders to the toolbar to create buttons for them.
  • Create new menus, or button-menus, or whatever you want, and put some or all of the folders in them. Or keep some at the top-level.
  • If you right-click a button-menu, there's an option to hide the icon for the menu half of it, so it looks like a normal button, and make it so the menu opens on a right-click of the main button part instead. The Up/Parent button on the default toolbar is an example of this.
  • Click OK in the Customize dialog to save your changes and return to normal.