Custom "Show hidden folders in folder tree" option

I think this would be useful: the ability to select what hidden folders are shown in the folder tree and what are not.

My main use for this would be mucking about with the C:\Documents and Settings directory, where most folders are not shown in the folder tree unless you tick Show hidden folders in options. However, this also shows all the RECYCLER etc. crap that I don't need to see. So, if you could turn the option on only for some folders that would be pretty neat.

I have Hidden Folders shown in the tree but still don't see RECYCLER etc. there.

It looks like the tree always hides system-hidden folders.

Does your RECYCLER folder have the the H and S attributes set?

Yeah they have the HS attributes set. They are hidden if the "hide protected system files" setting is turned on but that propably hides a lot of system files which you may need to find at times.