Customize menus


I tried to customize the tray menu in order to add some items

  1. It seems that "Check from program updates" is missing as command, I couldn't find it and I use the search function in the customizer
  2. I added "Find Files" but it isn't working, not at least the way I expected. If a lister is opened then it works like it is expected, however if no lister is opened nothing happens. I expected that if no lister was opened, then a new lister should be opened with the find files panel expanded

I use the latest beta (12.21.2)

Am I missing something?

You can copy it from the "Help" menu and paste it into the tray menu.

Nice, I haven't though of that!

Thank you, the first part of the question is answered :slight_smile:

Hi, again. For the second part try this:

Go NEW @ifrunning:
Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle

and paste it into "Find Files"

Thank you, this done what I wanted.

I have to remove the "toggle" because when selecting find from the tray menu I want always the search panel to be displayed!

Again, thank you!