Customize the right-click-on-a-tab event

Hi there,

I'm new to Directory Opus. Thank you for this awesome software. I just have a question about the behavior of the tabs when we right-click on them. We know that in DOpus a tab is divided into 2 parts: the "item's name" part and the "icon" part. If we right-click on the "item's name" part, then a context menu will appear so that we can handle the item. And when we right-click on the "icon" part of the tab, a different context menu will be displayed allowing us to handle the tab itself (such as lock tabs, open/close tabs etc.). Now I just want the tabs-handling context menu to appear in all circumstances, no matter where we click on the tab. Is that possible? If so, how can I do that?

Thanks in advance!

It's not possible to merge/replace the two menus at the moment, sorry.

Thank you for your answer. It will save me a lot of time looking for the feature in Preferences.