Customized keyboard layout hotkey issue

Okay, so I've been having this problem for a year or two now, and I've kind of been hoping for a magical auto-fix, but I doubt it's going to happen.
The reason for not posting it earlier is because very likely, I'm the only one having this problem.

The issue here is that when I have another keyboard input language chosen, (a non-qwerty one), the hotkeys in Dopus flips out and represent the letter, not the key input that I want it to be.
This would be fine if remapping them would actually work. The problem here is that lets say I have F on the T-button, I don't get a New Tab with CTRL + T, but instead I get a Find-Window. If I remap this, it's going to work, until I restart Dopus, or the computer.
I've also tried remapping my hotkeys with AutoHotkey manually. This is not working out properly either because then I get into loops. For example CTRL + F > CTRL + T, But then if I have another key to be CTRL + F, it will also remap to CTRL + T.

Now the reason why I doubt this will be fixed is because I'm using a completely customized keyboard that I have created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) ... laylang=en

I've created a customized version of DVORAK that I like to use. Now I've seen a similar issue here at the resource centre be fixed before:

But as this is a fix for a specifc language, not just my custom keyboard layout, it's reasonable.

Is there anything that can be done about this?

A hotkey/keymap issue that sounds similar was found & fixed (but not yet released) recently.

I'm not completely sure if the fix will also solve what you're seeing (I was just a bystander in the conversation and I've only got a shallow understanding of what was changed), but I'd recommend waiting a bit for a new version and then see if the issue still exists. If it does, send GPSoftware a bug report with a copy of the keymap & instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

Thank you for the response. I will eagerly continue to wait and then report the issue if it's not fixed in the nearest future. Could you give any estimation to how long it could take? I mean are we talking about the absolutely next patch? Or a possible fix for the next big version 2 years from now?

A lot sooner than 2 years. :slight_smile: An exact date hasn't been announced yet, but leo42 (no relation :slight_smile:) did some sleuthing:

[quote="leo42"]Jonathan Potter announced in a recent interview (feb 2011) version 10 was planned for the first half of this year:



I would just like to check back and see about a solution to this issue. This is still a problem with Dopus 10 and has been since the launch of it.
Essentially, when setting the "HOTKEY" value for a command, it ignores the users keyboard layout, and simply goes for the standard QWERTY keyboard.

Is there a solution for this?

Opus 10 is old, is it still a problem with Opus 11?

We have a lot of users from different countries, using various keyboard layouts, and I don't we have had any reports of an issue like this in a long time.

Hi Leo.

I just purchased Opus 11 and I can confirm it's still an issue here.
Would you or someone be able to have a quick chat with me on Skype looking at the issue?

It's a real bother for me as I can't use any keys that have changed from the default QWERTY.
It appears to be some system in place for it (i.e. it maps to the QWERTY key location when I add it to the hotkey list, but as soon as the customization window is closed, it kind of snaps back and changes the hotkey to whatever button was there or would've been there if I was using a QWERTY layout. Something like this.

What are the steps to reproduce this, starting from a clean Windows (Vista? 7? 10?) install with just Opus 11.17?

Using Windows 7 with an upgrade-install of Opus 11.17 (from Opus 10). I've had this issue continuously for the past 7-8 years that I've been using Opus, and on multiple machines. It's very likely related to the custom keyboard layout that I've created with the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.

I'll send you a link to the custom keyboard setup if you want to check it out.

Any updates on this one? Not sure if you got the link I sent to it, so here it is:

We're still waiting for instructions on how to reproduce the problem step by step, starting from a clean install.

Please also link your account if you want us to increase the priority of looking at this, since there are no similar reports and it involves a custom keyboard layout which no one else uses.

I have the same problem
Were you able to solve this problem?

No. Not for Dopus 11.
I still need some time to install and try Dopus 13. I hope it works as expeceted there, just haven't had spare time to swap.

Updates always break things, not in the spirit of fixing up whatever breaks :smiley:

I don't use a custom input language, I use Persian (Standard) (it is built-in in Windows), but there is this problem, that is strange

The issue remains on Dopus 13 actually.
I've gotten used to it and created my own hotkeys. Maybe something to investigate later. No urgency :slight_smile: