Customizing Opus with Images, Help Needed

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we fiddle with Opus Preferences!

For all my effort i can't seem to get any images displaying as a background. This is what i have tried.

In Preferences - Display - Images
i have Chosen a png image for "Standard File Display Image" and it shows up in the little preview window, soon as i click ok and go back to that preview window it has vanished. Symptomatic of my problem or not?
Also tried adding that same image to the "File Display" drop down box below preview window.
Also tried to make sure my image changes are not being overwritten by the folder formats, by changing them aswell.

I'm sure i am missing something like! do the images need to be placed in a specific folder?

Thanks for reading.

Did you restart Opus after applying the images?

Thanks for the reply abr
Yes every time, it seems only colour changes on toolbars are working for me. I wonder if restoring factory settings would be easier than trying to figure out which settings are at fault, any idea how i may do that?

You can of course make a backup before you test wise reset Opus. That way you can go back to your current settings, if this didn't solve the issue. Using PNGs should work, as myself i'm using them for some folders. I know, that Opus must be restarted completely, closing the process & not only the window, until newly applied images are available.

Is it still blank after selecting the image in the list at the top, or do you just mean it's blank when you re-open Preferences?

The preview only shows the selected image. (i.e. Just the one image, if any, that you last clicked on in the list. It doesn't show a preview of what Opus will look like with all configured images or anything like that.)

If that was the misunderstanding, have a look at the FAQ: Understand and Configure Background Images.

BTW, you should never have to restart Opus to change image settings so don't worry about that.

That is not 100% true. If i choose a new image & immediately try to use it in a folder, per folder options, the background
will stay blank until Opus had a full restart. Check it out yourself :blush:

I too have NeptuneBlues blues. I've tried everything to configure the file listing background to an image matching the other elements in Directory Opus. I'm ready to abandon the display configuration thanks to its byzantine complexity. The argument above about whether or not a restart is needed is indicative of this complexity. Having used DO for years, I love its functionality. Every time I try to pimp the lister display I hit this wall.

What's wrong with this picture? Has the last hour of fiddling missed the obvious?

Backgrounds don't work in Computer because it's a virtual folder that Opus leaves to Explorer to display.

(This may change in the future, though...)