Danger! DO 8 or Jarte or Windows bug?

Directory Opus is my default Windows Explorer.

I discovered a serious problem. I'm not totally sure what happened. But, here is what it appeared to be.

I had a rtf file open in a word processor called Jarta Pro. I tried to save the file, but apparently with a different name. The file did not save and I got an error message. Trouble is it wiped out EVERYTHING in the entire folder!!!!! It was simply gone! I could not "unerase" the files nor could I find them anywhere on the drive.

This happened to me once before but it happened so quickly, I didn't have a clue as to what went on (or in this case off.)

Any ideas. Any way to recover?



Do you suspect Opus was involved for some reason, or are you just asking for general help in case someone has some ideas?

What was the error message?

From your description it sounds like the fault is in Jarta Pro and Opus wasn't being used at the time.

Restoration is a decent, free undelete tool if you need one.

You're using this?


I have no specific reason to suspect Directory Opus for this behavior. I thought DO may be involved because I had it open and I used it to monitor the contents of my folders when I got this odd behavior. Mainly I wanted to find out if anyone else had experienced vanishing files and what they did about it.

The problem occurred on 3 separate occasions when I tried to save an edited rtf file using "save as" and I pasted the name of the file (rather than typing it in.) I was using Jarte, a streamlined, and usually well-behaved wordprocessor. The error message flashed by pretty fast saying something like "file not found" which made no sense. Afterward, DO showed the folder to be completely empty.

One other thing, perhaps the crucial thing, is that I now have my data base on a SimpleShare network drive. I have been editing my files in this manner on my local hard drive for a few years without incident. It occurred to me after I sent the question to you that it might be network drive related. I checked with the SimpleWare techs and they knew of no such problem. I was told the simple Share drive is actually a Linux computer, so there may be compatibility problems somewhere. This goes a bit beyond my expertise.


Forgot tp mention, I am using Jarte ver 2.6, the version you pay for. I have no yet tried ver 3.0 beta.

Sounds like a bug in Jarte to me. I often edit files in Word whilst currently showing their folder in a lister.

Given the interface design qualities which have gone into Jarte I'm surprised it works at all tbh.

Thanks for the insight on Jarte. I use it for rtf files because it does what I need and is very fast. MS Word speeds along like a glacier, though I must say it is useful when I need to do a lot of formatting after scanning a page and converting it to text. I recently discovered that OpenOffice is pretty fast too. I may switch entirely to that.

As to my problem, I didn't have it until I placed my files on my network drive.


Have you tried contacting the author of Jarte to see if there are known issues with files on network drives?

Actually, I haven't contacted the Jarte folks. Odd that I never thought of that! Seems logical. I guess I had been using Jarte with no problems for so long, I didn't suspect it might be the culprit. I will do so.