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Dark and Red and in My Head - Theme

Something for this wonderful community, I humbly bestow my theme for anyone interested. My main focus was easy to read text and contrast friendly background colors, thank you to the other developers that gave me inspiration.

**** If you want the top toolbars to also change to the dark theme as seen in the screenshot, import the following two files by going to Settings - Customize Toolbars - Select the Toolbar tab - File - Import Toolbar - (open each toolbar you want to replace)MenuMenuOpus.dop (58.0 KB) OperationsMenuOpus.dop (28.8 KB) <--Quicklook to open many files with spacebars quick preview style like in OSX

** Update 2/22 **

Here is an exact and "total" backup for those who want a one-step solution, simply select Settings - Backup and Restore - and select the last option after opening this file (or check mark all options) // Keep in mind this will change the look to what you see in the screenshot, along with my settings:

----------------> Opus Config - Daraimh.ocb (466.2 KB) <---------------------

DarkRedHead.dlt (825.0 KB)