Dark background Label Assignment Pane in Preferences possible?

I'm looping through my list of labels in the Label Assignment pane under Preferences to clean up everything.
The labels are hard to read on the white background because I use light colors. This because the theme of my lister is dark.
Is there a way to change the background of this settings pane to the same color of my theme. Even the color black will suffice for the purpose of readability.
If there's no option to do this can you add a button in the next version of DO? A simple toggle to switch between a white and black background will help a lot of us using dark themes.

At the moment the only way would be to change the system colors/theme.

Maybe we should make that list control use the configured file display background color. That probably would make sense.

We'll do this in the next update.

I'm running beta 12.4.2 and I see the background color of theme being used. Looking great.
One thing that's not working fine is the text color of the standard items like Checked, Flagged and Important. The color is now black and that's hard to see on a dark gray background. Also the group headers in dark blue are hard to read.

I'm using a light font color for (un)selected text. It would be nice if those colors are used instead of the black/blue. I think many will have a suitable font color for (un)selected text, appropriate to the background color so everyone will see those labels.
If you want a more standardized way, maybe it can be solved with some calculation like color background minus black/blue gives new font color.

Are you planning to add this background color also to Label Assignments and to Labels under Folder Formats? Essentially all places where labels are used.