Dark Grey-Blue

Here is my setup - I have worked on it for several months, combining a lot of different menus/themes/scripts. My goal was to give it more uniform look, keeping my eyes in the account :slight_smile:

See also:

Very nice!

Would you mind sharing the theme with us?

I will be glad to do it, but I dont know how to pack everything (toolbars, scripts, icons, additional buttons and software...)
The setup is highly customized/expanded, these are several points:

The orange loupe button is connected with the Everyting searching software, so for full functionality you will have to install this and the customized extension from here.
There are programs from NIRSoft integrated in the setup.
Some of the scripts are using additional files that need to be placed manually in their destinations
The Windows GUI is modified in the registry (colors, folder icons..)

Also, since its WIP, the menus are a bit of a mess.

On the side note
I wonder why DOpus doesn't have any option to backup the whole system in one pack, together with the dependent files/libs and color/theme settings.

Many of us wanting the "look and feel" of a theme don't want the theme to mess with our toolbars, buttons, and menus. I'm certain that a number of my buttons would only apply to my work, I wouldn't want to force you to load my buttons and external programs just to have the look I might have created (well, if I did create a theme).

Would it be alright to ask you if you could go to Settings -> Lister Themes and Save / Export your current theme?

Also, if you do, please indicate which version of DOpus you're using.

The 12.3.3 beta now includes:

[ul][li]Lister Themes now save and restore the Use for lister column headers and Use for lister scrollbars options in Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Pane borders.[/li][/ul]

I managed to make a pack with almost all the bells and wistles from /dopusdata
I will upload it like that, there is install note included. I guess it wont be difficult to install only the parts that are interesting for you.
I'm on 12.3.3 :slight_smile:

You can find the files here: DOpus12.3.3 Dark grey-blue
PS I'm working on "Extended Functuality" version of the skin.. expect in few days :slight_smile:

Most used tools (like from NirSoft) are almost portable, just put them into "user data"-folder and use built-in-alias pointing to it. Of course DO can't store software/libraries/reg-entries from 3rd party installations (except you write a script).

Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

That's slick. I like the idea of a text-only toolbar/menu system, though I wonder if the lack of icons would slow down my ability to quickly select the item that I'm after...