Dark Mode — Good to experiment, but could we now drop it

Could Dark mode now be dropped from the website. Even with white on black I have to strain my eyes to read it (my eyes are not good). But once there is coloured font or background, it is almost impossible to read it at all. And a purely subjective opinion — it is quite ugly and gives an impression of being pretentious.

Sorry to be so blunt, but the DOpus Forum is such a well-run and informative website, and this experiment just does not work.

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You can choose whichever theme you want. See the other recent Site Feedback threads.

On computer I don't mind it at all, but on cell phone it doesn't work very well for me as it's hard to read.
Yes it's easy to change the settings to whatever theme you wish.

It would be great to have separate options for cell phone and computer as there are other site options that work better for one of the other.

But it makes little sense to work on this instead of Directory. Opus development.

I stand by my comment on the other thread that it really doesn't matter to me. It is easy enough to change settings if need be.

Except for the pre-logon page.

Agreed, but we appear to be in the minority.

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Well, it seems the insurrection is quite strong.
As I said I'm kind of neutral.
We haven't heard much from people who like it or asked for it before was adopted.

If people don't like dark mode just turn it off? Why is this even being discussed?


I have clearly been unwise — it's a hornet's nest.

Having read some of the other threads, I now realise that this is a highly contested matter. My not-so-good eyes can't read the dark mode when there are colours, but clearly others find the non-dark-mode irritatingly dazzling.

Anyway, I have given my opinion, which is one of the purposes of this excellent Forum, and was surely expected. And yes, logging in (which I only do when posting) gets rid of Dark Mode on my PC. And thanks for reminding me of Themes in DOpus itself.

Because I can't turn it off on the pre-logon screen.

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YEs! and all who likes dark mode CAN to turn it on without login! opera's dark mode or WindowTop Dark Mode.

So just login and stay logged in?

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Don't know if this is helpful, but the Automatic Dark Mode (on demo site) seems to work for me - based on my device's preference - no need to login or change anything. If my device is configured for Dark Mode, it is dark, if my device is configured for non-Dark Mode, it is not dark.

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I agree with Jon. I recently switched to dark mode. I like it a bit better than the original lighter mode, but I can read stuff just fine either way. I never log out so every time I go to the DO site it comes up in dark mode immediately.

Unfortunately, some people not only want a feature, they want it to work in a way that is convenient for them even if that way is inconvenient for other people. If this website were the main product I would agree that some of these minor issues (like having to stay logged in) should be addressed. But this is NOT the main product.


And here seems to be part of our international difference.
I respect GPSoft's decisions on this as I am not a national.

The problem from my point of view is that the naysayers are discouraged because they feel they should have the same rights as other people. They actually do have an objective reason, aging eyesight. The argument that they need to be logged in is moot.

A guess perhaps is that the UK may have never experienced US feminism.
Delete if you wish, but I'm just reflecting my experience.

Enough of this please.
I respect GPSoft's decisions on this as I am not a national.
Let's get back to Directory Opus.