Dark mode isn't consistent

I added Simple Windows 10 Dark Mode to my Directory Opus installation, however it does not work consistently. I've noticed the following aspects remain as a white theme:

  • Modals like the "Lister Themes" dialog.
  • The search pane (CTRL+F) at the bottom
  • When I go to a network share (e.g. \\mynas) it shows up as white in that lister pane.

Overall it's just very inconsistent and it's frustrating. I don't see any settings to control the colors of these outside of the lister theme I applied. Is it possible to get a complete dark theme for the whole application in Windows 10? If so, how?

That tool modifies other programs. We have no control over what it does or doesn’t do.

Windows itself has no real dark mode. Microsoft only made undocumented and half-finished dark versions of a handful of things they use themselves.

We will be providing a full dark mode (i.e. all windows and panels in the entire program, not just making the main window dark like you can now) in the future. It has been a huge effort, and still has some work remaining (updating the themes system), but is looking good.

(Ours won’t just be a dark/light option. You’ll be able to make everything any color you want, like you could automatically with all Windows software back in the 80s and 90s before Microsoft lost their way.)


I hope that also includes bitmaps (like below)

Hi, Dose this mean all the windows will have dark mode etc. i.e the rename, prefs, Customize windows and Duplicate Files window and all dialog windows?

Will this be added in future updates?

That’s the plan.


it should be totally doable, other non-microsoft apps have it on win10. can't wait!!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

y'all are like the top 10 devs ever in my 15 year career as a windows power user :sunglasses:

Very cool tip! I really like that. I added a camouflage background to the file tree and the file display. I wasnt even aware of this option.

(Will not reflect in recycle bin and shares like any other themes just to let ppl know.)