Dark theme is no good for me

This forum is coming up in Dark Theme, I can't read anything and it is killing my eyes.
Is there a way to display in a Light Theme?


I'm having the inverse problem. I"ve set it to dark but it's not playing well with a browser add-on called High Contrast which allows you to override the site colors where they don't have an option for a dark mode or they have a bad color combo like light gray text on white. I found when setting sites to dark mode usually if i set the High Contrast option to Normal I get the dark view of the site without issue. That doesn't seem to happen here.

Dark mode with high contrast set to normal

and when posting it seems to split between dark and light.

Dark mode with high contrast set to normal

If I set the site to inverted it's still not great as some things don't appear unless you happen to run your mouse over them.

Dark mode with high contrast set to inverted they flip.

If I turn of the add-on it's what I would expect. Of course that screws up all the other sites that use the High Contrast effectvely.

Dark mode with high contrast turned off

Hopefuly you can ease my pain.

I would have thought the extension should let you tell it to ignore specific websites.