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Dark Theme Issues


I am in the process of converting my Opus 12 config to a dark colour scheme, and I've mostly got it sorted apart from a few niggling issues.

Firstly, I can't seem to find where to change the line spacing in list view:

Secondly, is there any way to change the status bar border colour?

And finally, can I either remove, or change the colour of the relative size bar borders?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


None of those can currently be changed, but the status bar border is definitely on our list as a couple of other people have mentioned it as well.

I don't think the graph border has been raised before, but being able to change that makes sense.

List mode: Turn on Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (overrides selection colors) and/or increase the font height slightly and the icons will be more spaced out.


Ok, thanks leo.

Is there a way to change the selection colours with that option set?


Only by changing the Windows visual style (which requires a tool like Windows Blinds, as Microsoft no longer seem to believe in allowing customization of anything more than the colors of window borders and desktop background).

FWIW the same could also change the status bar border, since that is also coming from the Windows visual style.


Ah, right I understand, I thought it was referring to an Opus 'Visual Style', thanks for clarifying that.

Why is it that I can specify custom line spacing for details view but not list view?


Because Details mode is a lot more important to us/Opus than List mode, essentially.


Ok, well in that case consider this a feature request :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help leo, much appreciated as always!


Well, the line spacing in List mode, which I'm using most of the time, was much bigger in Directory Opus 11 (4 pixels while it seems to have gone completely after upgrading to Directory Opus 12). I'm not totally sure; I thought it was okay in the Folder Tree directly after upgrading, but now the spacing is very bad there, too. Here are two screenshots showing the differences:

Directory Opus 11.19:

Directory Opus 12.1:

Could I have caused this anyhow? Is there a way to fix it apart from playing with the font sizes (which are fine as they are) or leaving the styling up to Windows, which isn't a good option either? Or is it a bug? This way it's very hard to use; I really need to get the old spacing back... I hope you can help me.



You had Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (overrides selection colors) turned on in Opus 11, and have turned it off in Opus 12. That's why the line spacing is different.


Well, no, I hadn't. Or at least it wasn't checked when I took a look. I turned it on after reading this thread (after upgrading to version 12), then turned it back off again because I couldn't see a difference regarding the line spacing.

In the meantime I installed the 12.1.1 beta version and rebooted my machine (which I had also done after upgrading to Directory Opus 12), but it didn't help. I rebooted once more because of other reasons, and after reading your last posting, I turned "Use visual style to draw items" on again. Well, this time it did make a difference...

Strange thing. Also, I did indeed have to make almost all font sizes 1 point bigger (9 -> 10 pt) to get the original display back. But why? :confused:

Now everything looks as nice as before again, so I'm very glad and enjoy the great new features Directory Opus 12 brings (two of which I had really missed before).

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:



It was definitely on in your first screenshot, and off in the second one. You can tell by the way selected items look.

Font sizes are reset if you import an Opus 11 config into Opus 12 (due to DPI support), so both the font size and the setting may have been part of it, if you weren't seeing the same as you were used to.

The way line spacing in List mode works has not changed at all in Opus 12, however.


Yes, I stumbled upon that, so it makes perfect sense, but the checkbox of the named setting was definitely empty when I checked it, and it didn't make a difference when I changed the setting (yes, I did click on "Apply" after changing it :wink:).

I just installed version 12 over version 11 and didn't import any config at all - I had already read that that might lead to potentially unwanted results, so I avoided it.

Well, everything's okay now; I can live with such short-lived issues... :wink:



Indeed, it was off in your Opus 12 screenshot. But it was definitely on when your Opus 11 screenshot was made.

Installing 12 over 11 automatically imports the settings from Opus 11. (If it didn't, everything would be reset to the defaults.)


Well, obviously. But I didn't mess around with it (the only things I had done after upgrading was restoring my toolbars, modifying a few buttons and tweaking the status bar settings).

Oh, I thought you meant importing them manually (via Backup & Restore).



I have one more theme based issue to resolve:

When I navigate to the root of a network machine (eg; \server), the theme is still white / default. Which setting do I need to change to have this conform to my new dark theme?


The view at the root of UNC computers (\server but not \server\share or deeper) is delegated to Explorer (embedded inside of Opus), so customisation of those folders is limited.


Ok, thanks Leo.


Status bar will be better with dark themes in 12.8.2:


I'll finally be able to switch to an all dark theme. Thank you for this change :slight_smile:


Nice! :slight_smile:
And 10 points for remembering this request & thread from 2 years ago!!!