Dark Theme with a strawberry touch. So happy now with Dopus 13 !!!

Until last week I thought I had never heard of Directory Opus on PC. In fact, I had it in the 90's, Amiga time, yes I'm as old as that, but I had completely forgotten about it !… Switching from Mac, i was in quest since years of something that could get me what is called in DO13 as "Expandable folders" as I am used to use on MacOS Finder. For me, it's such a more productive way to cope with my many files. In the meantime, I used tools such as OneCommander, a good tool with Miller column view but no expandable folders.

I must say I'm very very very happy today : Directory Opus is a real gem ! So customisable, so fast, so reliable (big tests here on tons of datas !!!), full of such great features (i'm still reading the manual), it was exactly the kind of stuff I was waiting for such a long time !… :star_struck: Still in my evaluation period, I already know I will buy (EDIT : license purchased now) and use it for the years to come !

So. Dark theme with a touch of strawberry, using fluent icons from Skinz that I modded, and my own designed system wide icons set. Here is my first theming try with Directory Opus intented for my everyday work (motion design with tons of video, audio and pictures assets to manage) :



And feel free to upload the .dlt file for your theme!

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HI. I have been using Dopus (under developed license) since it was developed. It's the best program ever, I use it every day.
A question? What type of font (character) did you use for the theme?

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Thank you jinsight and OK, I post it in the Theme section :wink:


Hello ! I agree with you, since I first tested it, this program is a real joy to use. About the expandable folders (v13 addition), something very important to me, i had never seen the "concept" so well implemented : the MacOS Finder use it just for lists view, but here in Opus, it's even better implemented in all the various views (vignettes, details, tiles,…). And it's fast with zero bugs. Amazing…
Regarding your question about the font I use, it's the Roboto Condensed (Light, Normal, Semi-bold), a Google font you can download here for free : Roboto Condensed - Google Fonts

Thanks for the reply. I bought the license for version 13 of Dopus three months ago and I inserted many software and various items in the toolbar. The condensed font is useful for having more space. Once I have downloaded the font, I test the graphic result on my custom theme.

Thanks. I liked how you used the active tab color to highlight the active dual lister. I have adopted that technique for all my Themes. Thanks. Sorry but all my themes are light.

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Hey man, Awesome theme, im gonna have a look into it.
How are using blue colour folders inside your list view?

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Thx ! Icons are part of a 7tsp icons collection I'm creating on my free time. It is not linked to DOPUS theme, but system wide installed and it's still on WIP state…

Oh ok. Cool! Just another question while I’m here. How are you colouring certain fields such as the size and attr? Also. When you select a file, the pink colour spreads over entire screen where when I select it will only be pink on the name of the file.

You can colorize some fields/columns here :

When modified, It applies everywhere :wink:
For colorizing the entire line (or not) you have a lot of options in the preferences, I just don't remember which ones more precisely! I played with almost everything I could :smiley:

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