Dark themes, toolbar & field colors

I've been using a dark theme (pretty sure it's @tnaseem's theme) for some time, with a few changes.

For "toolbar and menu defaults", if system colors are used, everything looks as expected. If custom colors are used, the text color seems to be set inconsistently, as you can see below; the path bar stays legible even though it ignores the text color and quick filter becomes illegible. Tnaseem's original theme uses dark background for fields, so this problem does not get noticed.

Would it be possible to split "text color" into two, so we would have one "text color" for 3 and a new "field text color" for 1 & 2? Maybe initially it could default to the same value as text color, so as not to break any existing theme. What do you think?

The assumption is that the field background will be a similar color to the toolbar background, avoiding the need for separate text colors for each. (Every color adds complexity for users as well as for us in terms of testing.)

We may expand on this in the future, however.