Dbpoweramp dMC details view columns?

Hello, I am a fairly new user to DOpus, and really have been enjoying it. Thanks to everyone involved.

I searched, and the posts regarding this are old (earlier versions of both softwares). dbpoweramp music converter software supplies ... maybe 30 or more columns available to Explorer's details view. They are listed in the 'special' category for adding to DOpus, but they are never, or possibly almost never, populated.

The same or similar information IS available to infotips... it will show up by adding the {infotip} element. I think the information is supplied to Explorer for columns, and filetips, in a different way, probably. I brought this up on dbpoweramp's forum, and someone else said they showed up in columns in DOpus in earlier versions of dbpoweramp. What we noticed is that dbpoweramp's column titles begin with spaces now. I think this is to avoid conflicts with existing columns in Explorer.

It would be very nice if DOpus could see the information. Info is supplied for many audio file formats, and as I said, many more types of info.

Thanks very much,


Please submit this to gpsoft.com.au/Support.html if you haven't already. Thanks.

It probably is the spaces at the start of the column names.

I have done so, and thank you.



I'd love to use dopus as a tagger/viewer of tags.
Unfortunately, it doesn't display well tags after one has applied replaygain in foobar (open, unsolved problem as of today).

Having dbpoweramp columns would be great.

In the other thread on this Foobar/replaygain issue it sounded like the problem was being taken up with the Foobar developer. If it's a problem in Opus rather than Foobar then someone should provide some small sample files that demonstrate the issue so that GPSoft can fix it. I don't think anyone has so far.