DCRaw, PNM, RAS, TGA Plugin (Obsolete, except for Opus 8)

This plugin is obsolete, unless you are using Directory Opus 8.

This plugin adds support to Opus 8 for the following image formats:
[ul][li]JPEG 2000 (JP2) -- Opus 9 now comes with a better, faster JPEG 2000 plugin.[/li]
[li]TGA (including alpha/transparency) -- Opus 9 now comes a better TGA plugin.[/li]
[li]PNM (PPM, PGM, PBM) -- Opus 9's new raw plugin supports a subset of PNM.[/li]
[li]Rasterfile (RAS) -- No Opus 9 equivalent as nobody seems to use this format. Shout if you need it.[/li]
[li]Raw Digital Camera formats, including Adobe DNG -- Opus 9 comes with a better raw plugin.[/li][/ul]
Author: Leo Davidson
Link: http://www.pretentiousname.com/jp2raw/

[ Old thread cleaned out as it was mostly discussion about previews of the new plugins which have replaced this one and which are now finished & available. Please see the links in the root post to find the replacement plugins. ]