DDS Viewer Plugin?

Hm, where we User can posts Plugin Requests?

I think a DDS (DirectDraw Surface) Texture Viewer Plugin would be nice. Many Games use this Fileformat for Textures/Skins.

I will be releasing a new viewer plugin in a week or two that supports this and many other formats.

What is the status of that? I am looking for a dds viewer plugin, because that would be very useful for me.

Deipotent: Unfortunately you didn't say where you want to publish that plugin. The only file I found via google is that:
But the file itself seems to be down.


I've just DL the Nvidia DDS plugin for Photoshop, and checked the settings in pre-listers-etc etc etc for foreign thumbnails....

But if anyone finds out how to view DDS files as thumbs, it would be greatly appreciated. The DDS viewers out there are free, as well as the source, but I'm not programmer...

Ah HA!
There is one... perhaps already talked about here on the forums, but in a different thread (or I missed something- too many open windows)

There is a DDS viewer plugin for Directory Opus (
It uses the FreeImageLibrary (

I DL it a few weeks ago and forgot about it- no links but possibly there is one at either side.

There's already a thread and download link for the DDS plugin here: Simple dds viewer plugin

My mistake.

However, is this where we'd talk about a 3ds viewing ability in DO10?
I know a TON of architects who would ALL get DO if it had the ability to preview all the popular file formats in a fairly not-too complicated "native" way... we all use ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, 3dSmax and Maya... being able to preview 3d model files would get us all on board for life with everything else DO offers.

I can complile a list and help in whatever way, as time and communication allows.
Maybe this belongs in the pluggins though, eh?


This forum (although not really this thread :slight_smile:) is the best place to discuss requests/ideas for new plugins.

The separate Plugins forum is only for posting plugins to, so people can use it as a download area without lots of discussion getting in the way.

In terms of AutoCAD etc. if you do a search on "AutoCAD" you should find a few existing threads talking about it. The bottom line is that with very complex formats such as that the only way a viewer could be provided is if there is a library or ActiveX control which we can use, either to wrap as a new Opus plugin or to integrate into the existing ActiveX plugin. That is, unless someone comes forward who knows enough about those formats and is willing to spend a few man-months/years developing a plugin from scratch, of course.

If you can view AutoCAD (etc.) files in Internet Explorer then that means there probably already is an ActiveX control on your system for those formats. It may already work with the new ActiveX plugin (see the plugins forum) if you add its extension to the plugin's configuration (under Internet Explorer and/or Generic ActiveX). It's possible that the MultiView plugin may also support some of the formats in question if you obtain the required 3rd party viewer DLLs (e.g. via Yahoo Desktop).

I've just made a maya plugin here:

[No viewer for maya iff format?)