Deactivate error message at start


nach dem Upgrade auf 13.x bekomme ich beim Start von Directory Opus immer eine Fehlermeldung bezüglich des Programms „SplitView“. Wo kann ich diese Fehlermeldung deaktivieren? Ich bin querschnittsgelähmt und auf dieses Tool angewiesen, hat auch bis heute noch nie Probleme.

Für Eure Rückmeldung darf ich mich bereits im Voraus recht herzlich bedanken und verbleibe

mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Deutschland

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Probably nowhere because of known problems.

But I don't have these problems! And even if I did, I would like to decide whether I live with or without problems ... I wrote that I need the tool for specific reasons. No offense intended!

I think you can still use SplitView. All you need to do is click OK once when Opus starts, right?

We’ve made it so you can disable some of those messages, but it depends on the program/conflict and whether there’s any way to work around it.

SplitView seems to have been abandoned by its authors (unless Google sends me to an old website or something), and simply having it installed breaks progress dialogs completely in my own testing. So that one can’t be turned off.

Given it completely breaks basic and essential functionality in Opus, and in a way that makes it look like Opus is randomly broken with no indication of what’s causing it, we don’t see much alternative.

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All right, then I guess I'll have to live with it ... Thanks anyway!
Best regards and have a nice Sunday

Finding an alternative tool that doesn’t break things and is still maintained would be best. Otherwise you have no way to know if any weird behavior in Opus or anything else is being caused by that tool’s hooks.

I'm on the way ... :+1:

We'll let you turn off the SplitView warning from 13.2.2 on, as we've found a way to avoid (most of?) its problems, or at least make things as good as they were in Opus 12.

Thank you very much, you are the best! Everything is working fine!
Best regards from Germany

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