Dedicate a system drive letter to a specific drive

Is there a way to dedicate a drive letter to a dedicated Drive. I have many drives that work as external drives using a Star Tech docking station. Since I have to continually swap drives in and out. I would like to dedicate the drive letter to the actual drive. So no matter what port I used in my four-port docking station Opus will automatically know that it is the "T", if that's the name I assigned to the drive. From "M to "Z" the drive would remain unused, using Opus, until Opus sees a drive that matches the available drive letter in the file system.

If I add a hard drive that has been named "K" and "K" is not being used within opus. It will acquire the name "K", as displayed on the file system directory Tree, within opus. For that matter even a button, Go K:\ VIEW=Details, will display the "K" Drive. So if the button has a drive letter that has no dry associated with it. It just won't work, not a big deal. In this case. The dry recognition is the real advantage.

You can do that through Windows, it's nothing to do with Opus specifically. See ... =windows-7 for more information.

Thanks Jon. I went to the link and it looks pre-straight forward.

But I do have one question. When I dedicate that drive letter is it going to name the filesystem or the actual hard drive. I need the actual hard drive to tell the filesystem who it is and then have the filesystem say OK we will use your name whenever you want to hook up to this computer.

Windows will just keep a record of the drive and make sure it gets assigned the same drive letter every time it's plugged in.

BTW if you assign same letter to two or more drives and connect them all, Windows will assign of course new letters for them. To avoid "overwrtiting" you should always use letters from the end of alphabet (e.g. VWXYZ), because Windows always will assign the next free alphabetical letter, even it was assigned to another drive before.

Thanks. Thanks. But I had already figured it out about the over using the drive letter. But I had not given it a thought as to how Windows 10 dealt with the issue. when two drives were being used for the same letter. But as you said, it's better starting from the top of the alphabet because Windows will start assigning from the bottom. That I had not given consideration to but I totally see what you mean and I'll do just that.
Thanks again

Mounting your drive into a filesystem folder is an option too, if you want to escape from the driveletter-desaster. o)

I have a dedicated M:\ (mount) partition on my system, it's just some megabytes in size, as it won't hold any data. I mount detachable volumes there, like M:\backup-disk-ext01, so they don't mix with current drive-letters, the regular filesystem items on C:,D: or your general working-area.

Just an option, it allows for some additional tricks (flatview over drives e.g.) and probably has some drawbacks too. The first one that comes my mind, you won't find an "X:" or similar for your drives in the DO drivelist button e.g.

Actually you can have both, regular letters and filesystem mountpoints at the same time.

If using drivebutton, it offers "removables", so it's possible to separate ext. drives and ignore driveletters.

I'm still waiting for an option to access a drive via label (yeah, needs unique labels... just give not same name to 2 or more drives!!!) or via ID.

You can, at least the windows volume ID works. You can get the volume IDs by calling "mountvol.exe" without any params.

Good to know. Thanks.