Default action in Find window

When I use Find, my preferred action when double clicking on a result is 'Open Containing Folder' but I have to get this through the right click context menu.

Is there a way to make 'Open the Containing Folder' the default action?

I don't think you can, except by making it the double-click action in all locations.

There is a Collection item pseudo file type but it only lets you define special context menu items for such items; it doesn't let you redefine the mouse events like you can for real file types.

Thanks Leo.

I've found a reasonable compromise. If I specify 'Lister' for output in my Find window, then a command created from the following and given a shortcut key can be used on items in the lister window.


If you're outputting to a lister you might want to use the Find Panel instead of the Find Window. The panel is docked to the lister it outputs to and much nicer, IMO. (Tools -> Find Panel)

Yes, that's much better. Thanks, Leo.