Default folder layout

Since I did my fresh install of Windows I have been having problems getting Opus to use my preferred layout in the listers.

I had exported my settings before I did the new install but that one little item seems to have gotten screwed up some how.

So the question is how can I make/force Opus to use my preferred display mode in the listers?

Hi Rex !

Try Preferences > Layout .
There is a tabbed menu there.
Select the Opening Listers Tab.

Try unchecking everything in the "Inherit from the Default Lister" paragraph, except perhaps Include Virtual Folders.
Then set the options in the "Default Settings" and "Default Folders" tabs options to your liking.

Does that fix it ?
The Australian idiomatic language here isn't as we are acustomed to speaking.
Did I get it ?

porcupine :opusicon:

Nope. That did not do it.

I can't seem to get the column layout to be what I want it to be.

Is it the content type system adding to or changing the format?

Or, are you getting your columns plus some others? Unless you tell a format that it should not add columns from others, it will allow further formats which also match the folder and/or contents to add more columns to the view.

Also, if you're opening a layout instead of a default lister, then the columns shown will be whatever was saved in the layout.

This seemed more of a hassle in v6, but with v8 I got things to work pretty well... maybe I just dug around more. But what I did was:[quote]Tools->Folder Options...
Set up my Display tab stuff, and then on the Columns tab, set my Displayed fields, Width and Sort settings manually, then clicked apply and chose to Save the current folder format: For All Folders.[/quote]Once this was done the way I wanted it... I went into:[quote]Settings->Preferences->Layout->Saved Layouts tab
and did a Save As - and named it My Layout.[/quote]For every spot in the other Preferences settings like Double-Click, Layout, and Startup, I set Dopus to use "My Layout" and I never have a problem with some other folder format or Layout ever coming up when I launch listers... But that's just me where I prefer all folders to look the same as far as layout and folder format. If you want some folders to look a little different, you should be able to go in and set those folders formats 'after' doing the Save current folder format For All Folders maneuver... I think. And then go into Preferences and save that Layout as some custom layout name for yourself.

Thankyou steje,

That added a good defined bit to what I already knew.
Unfortunately, the Save for This Folder option doesn't seem to work on my Win98SE system,
but the All Folders options seem to work.
It's not a big deal, as I'm only waiting until this summer to build a new system.

I'm holding out for Serial ATA2 support on mainboards.
It's long belated, but it is called Car Payments.
The 98 Explorer Sport paid off this month !!!

I had this worked out a bit differently, but I will think more on your input as you defined it.

                           Porcupine  :opusicon:

Sure bro... it's just what works for me since I typically like to view all folders the same way. I thought I might have diverged from a strict "Layout' related question from Rex... but since he mentioned not being able to get the 'column' info to be what he wanted I piped in about the Folder Options.

If you wanted to use such a maneuver as what I do as a baseline folder format for ALL folders but then change the folder format of a few specific folders, this seems like the way it 'shoud' be done... However, I decided to try and view just my music folders differently and so went and set up my columns for music related metadata... did a Save: For This Folder, and lo and behold it actually saved it for ALL folders... above and below. I've repeated this 4 times now and it keeps saving my column settings for all folders. I wonder what gives, I'm running WinXP Pro sp2, not Win98... might need to start a different topic for that, don't see what I could be doing to 'cause' this.

Hey Rex... what's up man? Can you try to save your folder format with your column settings, then save the view (before you close the lister) as a custom layout... does that help you out at all?