Default Image Handling - Disable It

RE: Directory Opus Pro v.12.19

When I reinstalled DO on my new system, I let it be the default image handler for my image files. Now that I have ACDSee installed, I can't find the option to make it stop being the default handler. How do I do that?

For clarity, in Windows 10, ACDSee is registered to be the default handler for JPGs, for instance. So in File Explorer, if I double-click the JPG file, ACDSee's viewer launches. Inside DO, though, if I double-click the file, DO's viewer opens. (And since it'll be asked, yes, if I do an Open With..., even inside DO, ACDSee is already listed as the default application.)

Thanks. I keep looking through all the settings for at least 30 minutes and couldn't find it. I was also using the keywords "image" and "handler" in the filter box. I didn't think to use the word "picture." :upside_down_face:

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