Default lister associated with desktop

I run two desktops on my Win10 computer. I tend to have DO open on both of those desktops, but the work that I do on one desktop in DO (general file management) is wholly different from the work that I do on the other (eBooks, music, and video management). When I reboot my computer and open DO, it opens the most recent lister layout. What I'm wondering (or requesting?) would be a way for DO to remember which lister layout was most recently open in each desktop so that I don't have to go to a save lister layout in the second desktop.

I can't think of a good way to do that at the moment.

One issue with opening things on multiple desktops automatically is that I think Windows will switch desktops if we open a window on another desktop, although I could be wrong.

What if we added something to the scripting API so scripts could check which desktop they were on? Then you could make things like desktop double-click open a different layout depending on the desktop, without having to manually think about and select the right layout each time.

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I actually don't use the desktop double-click open option; I prefer to click on the DO icon in the task tray. At present, I've just defined lister layouts for "Primary Screen" and "Secondary Screen" but those saved layouts are static. Hmm. Oh, well. Something to think about for the future.